late 70's to early 80's

If my memory serves me well, it was about 1981 when I met Manfred Ruerup (co-founder of Steinberg Research, today Steinberg Media technologies) at the Delta Studio in Wilster, Germany. There, I recorded 3 albums with my former band Toerner Stier Crew, and as the studio owners realized that I had learned to twiddle them desk knobs somewhat reasonably, they offered me a job as an engineer. I stayed there for more than a year and mixed and co-produced several records.

This was a good studio, 24 tracks, a Harrison 32c desk and some good fx stuff. So I took on the opportunity and during the nights, recorded some of my compositions. Of course I played all the instruments and sang all voices, drums were played by Olaf Schraeder (drummer of Toerner Stier Crew).

Here is an excerpt of some of those pieces. Two of them were even 'released' on 2 CDs that the Steinberg company made with music solely from the staff - some very interesting musical experiences :-) My contributions were 'Total Recall' and 'Lost Love In Rome'.

'Morning Town' is the oldes of these, it was actually a demo for the studio owner but we didn't make a new version as we liked the pureness of the demo. 'Julia' is the first we actually recorded. 'Pictures' is interesting, there was a monophonic Moog (?) synth in the studio and I recorded all those arpeggio notes one by one on seperate tracks (which also enabled me to pan them across the stereo field).

One of the producers I worked with at that time was Winfried Klimek with whom I co-produced 'Shampoo', 'Daneben' and some own pieces. The last thing I heard of 'Winnie' was that he was imprisoned - way back then, he had an adventurous company involved in grey imports, so it came to no surpise to me...anyway, he was convinced of my work (as was the studio owner) so he tried to sell it to them record companies. Unfortunately, everybody in Germany was on 'Neue Deutsche Welle' (New German Wave) and English lyrics were not on their list. But we made some nice photos with a beautiful model in an extremely rich man's house to promote the project, yet to no avail. So this was never actually released.

Total Restart

Lost Love In Rome

Morning Town


No Lie